Dear Trevor,

At the end of February 2017, NetApp hired I'M|POSSIBLE to organize a trip for us to northern Italy. We had held a sales competition over the previous three months, and this trip would be the Grand Prize won by the ten most outstanding NetApp partners in Israel. 

We conduct a similar competition every year, sending the winners on a trip to Europe, and it is truly one of the highlights of our sales year. It is a considerable undertaking, in which we invest a significant portion of our annual promotional budget, and its success is immeasurably important to us.

Beyond the obvious promotional value, the trip also plays a crucial role in cementing our relationship with our partners and in forging stronger bonds between the partners themselves. Their enjoyment of the trip is therefore crucial, especially as it has the potential to impact the results of next year's competition. Clearly, the more successful the trip, the higher will be everyone's motivation to work hard next year and win!

Each year we try to surprise our partners with an experience that they could never have had on their own. Trevor, the trip you provided to northern Italy was this and so much more – it simply exceeded all of our expectations.

The trip was well organized, from the luxurious bus we traveled in, through the excellent hotels where we stayed and, of course, the magnificent attractions and sites we visited. The diverse nature of the itinerary ensured something for everyone, and the combination of touristic attractions with winter sports activities was exactly what was needed. And as for the culinary experiences – nonstop incredible food from some of the best restaurants I've been to – it was pure indulgence, and we loved every minute of it.

There is no doubt that the success of the trip is because of you, Trevor. In my opinion, you are, hands down, the best guide we have ever had.

Firstly, I was highly impressed with the way each participant received your personal attention. At each and every location we visited, your professionalism and vast historical knowledge, combined with your profound familiarity with the site, held everyone's rapt attention. And the warm atmosphere you created among the group, along with your friendly and calm manner, made the entire experience perfect. 

Your passion for what you do shines through your work, and it was inspiring to be with someone who was as excited as we were throughout the trip – though you must have visited Italy a hundred times, you were there with us, discovering it all over again, and it was marvelous to witness.

The positive feedback we have heard about the trip since returning to Israel attests to its great success, and already we've heard from salespeople who didn't win this year, but, having heard about the Italy trip, are now firmly committed to winning next year!

We will highly recommend you to anyone who is considering a guided tour in Italy. And I hope our paths will cross again in the future and that we can enjoy more trips with you and I'M|POSSIBLE.


Best regards,

Inon Vetcher - Channel Manager

Wienstock & Zeclkler Law Firm

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I write this letter about our trip with Trevor Galor.

  1. As a law firm, we do our best to treat our employees each year to a special organized trip, to thank them for all of their hard work throughout the year, to create the spirit of teamwork and cooperation, and to strengthen their connection to the firm, which we see as a big family.
  2. In 2014, we decided to travel to Rome with Trevor, an experience that is remembered in the firm until today as one of the most successful we've had.
  3. Rome was amazing, despite – or perhaps because of – the fact that we traveled in winter. We ate exceptional Italian cuisine at fantastic restaurants, learned about the 'Eternal City,' grew closer as a group, and even succeeded to do a little shopping.
  4. I can say without question that the trip met, and even exceeded, our expectations. Trevor escorted and guided us with the greatest of care, along with vast knowledge and much humor. He was at our service in every matter, and personally ensured that every detail was taken care of.
  5. The feeling and atmosphere created within our group was especially joyful and pleasant. The planning and execution were of the highest level, with Trevor delivering everything he had promised, in the exact right timings, all of which enabled us to achieve every goal we had set for this tour.
  6. The firm of Weinstock - Zecler & Co. thanks Trevor on this outstanding experience and offers our warmest recommendation for any company to travel with him to "The Boot."   
  7. I will be happy to answer any further questions by telephone.


In thanks and respect,

Eran Zach - Attorney & partner
Weinstock Zecler & Co.