I'M|POSSIBLE Italy is a boutique DMC dedicated to creating the ultimate experience for Corporate MICE Agencies and High Worth Individual clients. 

Our solutions reveal the incredible diversity of authentic Italy way beyond the regular wonders that everybody meets. 

With a track record of success gathered over two decades and a nationwide network of top travel experts, we craft ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences that are talked about for years!



Co-Founder & CEO

Trevor Galor


USA: +1 201-450-9140
ITA: +39 069-762-9560
ISR: +972 585-950-756


“If it’s not authentic, it’s not Italy. If it’s not unique, it’s not I’m Possible

Trevor is a seasoned DMC executive with over 18 years' experience dedicated to unique experiences across the whole of Italy. 

Happiest crafting and leading elite corporate MICE or exclusive luxury tours, his success comes from the WOW of participants and exceeding clients' expectations.


Events & Rome

Amit Raibi

“Stay Curious and you will always discover the best the world wants to offer you!” 

Totally tuned to the latest Italian trends, Frederica shines when she can share her Italy with our guests. With Roman charm, unequalled local knowledge and wealth of high level experience, she revels in the challenge of events for top Italian and international companies. 



Global Business Development


GBR +44 203-769-6719

“It doesn't so much matter where you're headed – more important is what's in your head when you go.

A proven brand builder, Daniel now heads up our global biz dev. Under his other hat he’s also an author of travel books (on Spain & Israel), director, producer &/or writer of global TV travel, nature and history programs (on Greece, Israel, Rome & Venice) for National Geographic, Discovery, BBC, Ch4, NHK, ABC Australia and South Korea TV. 




Amalfi & Southern Italy


“Italy is a feast for the senses, and a blessing for the soul.” 

Born, bred and based in Sorrento, the very heart of the unbelievably beautiful Amalfi Coast, Alessandro is our in-house expert for all things Amalfi, Capri, Naples and off through the whole of Southern Italy. 



Creative Team Building


“Life is a game. Make your own rules.” 

Having broken the mould of ‘run of the mill’ team building, Max is only satisfied when the WOW of his activities rock the foundations of Rome’s Colosseum where he most loves to play.



Head of Digital Marketing


“Put the all of you into everything you do – else you discover you left half of you behind.”

Mayrav is a lady who loves to get lost in new places or stay home to dance like crazy with her children amidst tons of hugs.

Valuing customer service above all, while Mayrav manages our digital marketing she is also the final authority for our quality control.


Edoardo (Edo)

Tour Assistant / Ecology Facilitator


Italian native Edoardo leverages his considerable experience in event management, innovation and performance to ensure that each I'M|POSSIBLE event is seamlessly carried out. Edoardo handles many logistical aspects of each trip, arriving in advance to organize the site and productions before travelers arrive. His quick, creative thinking is always at play, and his ability to connect immediately to guests makes him a truly invaluable to asset to the team. In addition to working with I'M|POSSIBLE, for the past seven years, Edoardo has been co-establishing trips and summer camps in over 15 European and Middle Eastern countries.


Enrique (Kike)

Tour Assistant / Ecology Facilitator


Enrique Spacca is one of I'M|POSSIBLE secret weapons. He handles several crucial areas of logistics, including pre-check-in preparations, purchasing of last-minute tickets, organizing of restaurants and venues, and much, much more. A charming Italian as well as a talented musician, Enrique is always ready to entertain the guests, providing them with a multisensory experience of Italy. In addition to working with I'M|POSSIBLE, Enrique is the co-founder of Officine Tesla, a nonprofit association that unites music, innovation and education, and the facilitator of international gatherings for people of all ages.