Tradition & Creativity

Stand spellbound beneath Michelangelo's masterwork in the Sistine Chapel (a private visit of course), browse the gowns of Milan's global fashion houses, or speed round the track at the wheel of a Ferrari and you can only marvel at the Italians' cutting-edge creativity.


Wander the awesome remains of ancient Rome's Colosseum, thill to romantic songs of a Venetian gondolier, or savor pasta whose recipe hasn't changed for centuries, and you know you're in the presence of the magical power of tradition.

And while these themes – tradition and creativity – might seem at odds (and can sometimes make you want to tear your hair out!) they help prevent the Italians' boundless passion from running into obsession.


Perfecting 'La Dolce Vita'

No wonder they perfected la dolce vita, the sweet (or good) life, as a way of keeping a fine balance between the two. But beware! Both passion and the dolce vita are highly contagious. Anyone spending more than just a few hours here is bound to get the bug, because for cultural heritage or cutting-edge buzz, Italy offers more than any mortal can wish to experience in a single lifetime. On snow-capped alpine peaks or wild sun-drenched


beaches, wherever you go and in whichever season, Italy's beauty takes your breath away – and gives you a healthy appetite. From the sublime pizza & pasta on a city street, via the local specialties of a village trattoria, to any one of Italy's 356 Michelin star restaurants, food in Italy is as tasty and as varied as its regional landscapes.

Whether your aim is to chill out or get out and about, Italy offers infinite opportunities. From high-gear activities to the most relaxing pampering, whatever the nature of corporate incentive trip you have in mind, we give you the wonders of Italy, without headaches. 



Reward, Recharge and Return. Arrivederci in Italy!