This is your shot – a chance to thank your firm's top sales teams and employees for all of their hard work throughout the year… a chance to forge a heightened spirit of teamwork and cooperation… a chance to strengthen the connection between your company and its partners.

From highly complex, exotic productions to simple and authentic local encounters, I'm-possible incentive trips immerse participants in Italy's cuisine, art, history, music and much, much more. The end result is that everyone has a unique experience they never could have had on their own.

I'M|POSSIBLE understands this. With 15 years of experience, we've been escorting corporate teams on whirlwind adventures that dazzle their senses and ignite their passion – not only for Italy, but for the company that sent them there.

In fact, after an I'm-possible trip, participants return home determined to work even harder next year, in order to win another life-enhancing experience. From stronger team bonds to improved communications and increased sales performance, you'll find the difference unmistakable.